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Late Night Library is a nonprofit literary organization dedicated to sustaining book culture, promoting literature in schools and communities, and supporting a diverse array of authors early in their careers. Their programs include multiple podcast series, writing contests, a visiting writers series, live readings in Portland and Brooklyn, and a host of blog content focused on news and innovations in book culture.

I formerly co-hosted and produced a monthly podcast for Late Night Library called Late Night Love Affair, with the lovely and talented Sarah Marshall. Each month Sarah and I chose a book written by a woman—sometimes contemporary, other times not—and discussed the hell out of it in a witty, conversational, never-too-dense way. Check out the archives if you’re bored or lonely or need someone to empathize with your obsessions.

2 Replies to “Late Night Library”

  1. I am trying to find your Late Night Love Affair podcast via iTunes but am having trouble. How do I find this?!

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Apologies for the delay in reply! The podcast is probably archived because I believe June 2015 was our final episode (the co-host and I sadly moved far away from each other). That said, I’m fairly certain you can still access episode at

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